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The elder law attorneys Somekh & Associates advocate for seniors and their loved ones by providing Medicaid Home Care and Medicaid Nursing Home assistance, estate planning, and asset protection strategies. To speak with one of our attorneys, contact our office today for a free 15-minute consultation.

Lori Somekh, Elder Law Attorney

Nancy a.


Lori Somekh is great! Kind and caring and very responsive to my questions. She was my mom's biggest advocate and dealt with the MLTC swiftly. Her office staff is polite and courteous and on top of everything. Would highly recommend!

Home Care & Nursing Home

Legal Assistance

At Somekh & Associates, we help clients and their families plan for the future and assisted living should the need arise. Our practice focuses on healthcare, retirement, guardianships, Medicare and Medicaid, and estate planning. We provide solutions to a variety of problems, including:

Medicaid Assistance

Obtaining Medicaid assistance is a complicated process, which can involve many forms and questions. Somekh & Associates are knowledgeable and practiced in this area so we can help you with your application, and you have the best chance of receiving all necessary benefits.

Asset Protection

In many cases, a person's savings, investment accounts, personal property, and real property are depleted in order to cover the costs of longterm care. With proper planning, we can help families protect assets even when longterm care is required.

Longterm Care Planning

Nursing homes will not always be covered by Medicaid, or they are only covered in very specific situations. If a nursing home is not required, then Medicaid benefits can sometimes be used to cover in-home care. We will explain all the available options and get the best care for you or your elder family member.

About Somekh & Associates

You need an experienced lawyer with knowledge in the field. We understand the courts, laws and changes in Medicaid rules for home care assistance and nursing home assistance and can help you get the best results. The Law Offices of Somekh & Associates have decades of experience dealing with these important issues. We make it easier to plan for your future and ensure that all legal matters are taken care of, protecting your assets and carrying out your wishes.

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Lori and her team are excellent at what they do. The attention to detail, knowledge of state laws regarding real estate and elder law is top-notch. You won't be disappointed.



She just doesn't treat you like a client but like family staying on top of everything and making you aware every step of the way. If she is not happy with the way the transaction is going, it will not got done until she sees fit that her client is satisfied and all verbiage in the contracts and closings are properly worded and executed the way it should be.



I met with Lori Somekh and am filled with knowledge and next steps of what I need to do for mom. Ms. Somekh is caring and on top of the details, asks pertinent questions. She knows her stuff. Can't say enough good things about her services.

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